CTS uses horizontal directional drilling to complete any project that you have in mind! This means no digging or excavating a trench to install utility lines. We offer a quicker, safer and more efficient way to complete your installation with minimum disruption. Give us a call today to get a free quote on your underground utility installation.


CTS offers fibre optic line installation for any home or business project. With our HDD drilling we can avoid damage to your property so there is less interruption to your business or everyday life. Need to update your Internet, cable television or telephone lines? Want to install a computer network between buildings? Call CTS today for a free estimate.

Fiber Optic Line on Blue Background
Horizontal Directional Drilling Services - Install Coax Cables Without Trenches!


CTS can install underground coax cables for your residential or business project. Coax cables are very durable and ideal for shorter distances. Looking to expand your home network? Want to increase your broadband service? Covert Trenchless Solutions can help you determine whether coax or fibre optic is better for you. Call CTS today for a free consultation.


CTS uses the newest locating technology to locate any type of secondary utility line on your property. Before undertaking any groundwork ensure that your utility lines have been located.

We Use The Newest Technology To Locate Utility Lines
Horizontal Directional Drilling Services - Install Gas Lines Without Trenches!


CTS can install new gas lines with minimal damage to your property. CTS also offers full gas fitting services and propane gas line installation. Looking to get a garage heater installation? Maybe a new garage furnace? Need to upgrade to a natural gas BBQ? Call CTS today to get your free estimate!


Proper running water and sewer lines are the backbone to any community, residential or commercial property. Making sure that these pipes are well maintained and in proper working order is important to ensuring the health and quality of life of residents.

Covert Trenchless Solutions can provide a range of services to make sure you are never without these essential resources.

There may be an odd smell, clogged systems or perhaps you need all new plumbing for an expansion to your house or garage.

Rural properties present their own challenges, putting in new water lines for acreages and farms can be a big undertaking, but Covert Trenchless Solutions can help you make sure it’s done properly and efficiently.

Covert Trenchless Solutions can provide you with a range of services to install or replace water and sewer lines with minimal disruption to your property.

Whether you need to replace, repair or expand an existing service, or install a new water or sewer line, Covert Trenchless Solutions can do it! Call us today for your free quote!

Horizontal Directional Drilling Services - Install Water Lines Without Trenches!
Horizontal Directional Drilling Services - Precision Trenching and HDD Drilling is a Powerful Combination


CTS offers residential and commercial trenching to complete any underground utility project. CTS uses precision trenching on its own or in conjunction with HDD drilling to safely and efficiently install your underground lines. Contact CTS today to get your free estimate!


Covert Trenchless Solutions can install any electrical or utility with minimal disruption and site rehabilitation to your property. Covert Trenchless Solutions also offers full electrical services. Need power to your garage? Hot tub? Outdoor lighting? Covert Trenchless Solutions can help! 

Planning a home renovation? Expansion? Installing new electrical appliances? Or maybe installing a power station for your electrical vehicle? Any of these projects may require an electrical service upgrade to provide adequate power and prevent a host of potential issues.

Older homes may provide as little as 30 amps, and even modern and recently refurbished homes typically have an electric service of 100 amps, but with the host of electrical devices utilized in most homes this may not be enough. If your home utilizes central air conditioning, electric heating, and/or electrical appliances 100 amps may be insufficient. Electrical service upgrades allow an increase in amperage to 150, 200, or even 400 amps. Our qualified technicians can work with you to understand your power consumption needs and suggest an appropriate electrical service upgrade.

These power needs may be even more extensive for rural homes and farms, for which Covert Trenchless Solutions also offers acreage upgrade services.

Call us today to get your free quote!

Horizontal Directional Drilling Services - Install Electrical Lines Without Trenches!