Commercial Hydrovac Services


Rather than using heavy machinery for mechanical excavation, which can present safety risks, as well as create a disruptive and messy job site, our professionals will use our compact hydrovac to complete excavation jobs safely, with minimal impact or damage to the surrounding areas.

We offer year-round services! By using pressurized warm water, we are able to penetrate the hard and frozen ground during the winter, which means we can complete your project any time of the year.

Day Lighting

Using a hydrovac is the safest and fastest way to expose existing underground utility infrastructure, such as gas lines, power lines, and telecommunication lines.


Whether the material is wet or dry, cleanup is a breeze with a hydrovac; This applies to non-contaminated materials only.

Small Excavations

A hydrovac is an excellent way to ensure that any small excavations, including slot trenches (narrow trenches for utility lines), are completed quickly and safely.


Using a hydrovac not only cuts down on labour costs, it also provides better project accuracy. Hydrovacs vastly reduce the risk of damaging any existing utility lines, which means our projects will be safer, more efficient, and precise, with minimal impact to the surrounding areas.

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