Residential Water & Sewer Installation and Replacements


Our compact drilling system can fit right in your backyard, so there’s no need to remove fencing or worry about a large piece of equipment damaging your lawn.

Line Replacement

Are you having issues with your septic tank backing up? Do you have a collapsed line that needs replacing? In the span of a day, we can replace your old line without damaging your lawn or removing any obstacles.

New Installation

Are you building a garden suite, barn, or shop that requires a water hook up? We can install a brand new line without any damaging excavation. Our efficient process can go under buildings, fences, and more!

Automatic Waterers

Tired of running the hose to your water troughs. We have a solution! By drilling up to 15 feet underground, we can connect automatic waterers that’ll never freeze, so you don’t have to perform those sub-zero water refills ever again.

We Specialize in On-Grade Installations

Improper grading and draining can present a range of challenges for homeowners. From flooded yards, to moisture damage, not having proper drainage can be both destructive and expensive.

We specialize in on-grade installations to correct any drainage issues. With our extensive experience and current technology, we can safely operate on almost any elevation. In addition, we also work with you to create solutions that will stand the test of time. No bandaid solutions or quick fixes here!

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