Horizontal directional drilling is a new and innovative way to install underground utility lines. This method involves drilling underground and pushing threaded rods into the ground from a 1X1 entrance pit, to a similar sized exit pit. The utility line is then attached to the drilling rods and pulled back through the bored path, and back into the entrance pit.

A trenchless installation does not require the traditional trenching method (digging a trench) to install a utility line.

Trenchless installations are better due to the fact that they are quicker, safer, and more efficient. Trenchless installations require less restoration, less time on site, and minimize the chance of any damage to the installed utility line upon backfill. Not only does trenchless drilling bore a hole for the utility line, it also pulls the utility line back through that bored hole, completing two jobs in less time. Trenchless drilling gives us the ability to go underneath obstacles, such as driveways, sidewalks, or a nicely landscaped yard. Any time you have to dig a trench for a utility line, your site will never look the same as before it was trenched. Trenchless drilling maximizes the potential to leave your site looking the same as before the

Yes! Using the newest advanced locating technology, our crew can locate and monitor the location of the drilling rods the entire time they are in the ground. We utilize a locating system to check for any existing utility in the area before we start a job. Pre-drilling planning is the most important step in horizontal directional drilling jobs.

Our machine is 48 inches wide and we can usually complete the project from outside the fence line of a property.

No! Our prices are very competitive with the traditional trenching method, but with less restoration. Our goal is to leave your yard looking the same as it was when we arrive.

Our machine is capable of travelling up to 300 feet in a single drill shot.