CTS offers fiber optic line installation for any home or business project. With our HDD drilling, we can avoid damage to your property so there is less interruption to your business or everyday life.

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Fiber optic lines are used for..

  • Long distance telecommunications
  • High speed data connections (for live streaming, on-demand videos, online gaming, etc.)

Why trenchless drilling is a perfect fit for fiber optic line installations

  • Cost – The traditional method to lay fibre optic lines is to dig a trench to place the wires, however this may not be the most cost-effective option. The destructive nature of trenching means that all areas disrupted by trenching must be reinstated to their original condition, making open-cut methods potentially time-consuming and costly.

  • Safety – Digging trenches can be dangerous. Trenchless installations of the fibre optic lines allows for them to be installed without the need for extensive excavations. This reduces the overall safety risks to the technicians as well as the general public.

  • Time – Traditional installations involve numerous processes, including clearing, excavating, waste disposal, and backfilling, to name a few. All of these processes can be time-consuming, increasing the overall time for completing the installation. On the other hand, trenchless installations can be done with just a fraction of the preparation needed for excavating.

  • Environment – The trenchless installation of fibre optic lines also minimizes the impact on the surrounding environment. With less earth being destroyed or disturbed, wildlife and habitats are protected. Also with our trenchless fibre optic line installations, there is less dust that is produced, resulting in an overall reduction in air pollution. 
Fiber Optic Line

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